Parts&Vendors Version 3.1 - prompt for 'Password File Not Found: Enter Data File Password'

This is a mistaken prompt that does not apply to version 3.1 of P&V. It is appearing when the data file cannot be opened by the program and is probably corrupted.
This message indicates that the file needs to have the Repair utility run on it. CANCEL this prompt, and do the following:
  1. From the menu choose File...Open and open another P&V data file, e.g., example3.mdb.
  2. Then, from the menu choose File...File Utilities...Repair and browse for your (original) P&V data file.
  3. * If the Repair operation is successful, you will get a prompt to 'Open the Repaired File?'   Respond 'No'.
  4. From the menu choose File...File Utilities...Compact and browse for your (original) P&V data file. You will then be prompted for a file name to compact into. You can choose the same name or provide a new name.
  5. If successful, you will get a prompt to 'Open the Compacted File?'   Respond 'Yes.'
* If the Repair operation is not successful, the data file has been corrupted beyond the Repair utility's ability to fix the problem. You may have to restore your data file from your most recent backup.
You can also contact Trilogy Design Support and we will attempt to help you with this. We are not a data recovery service, but are often successful in clearing corrupted records which are usually the source of the problem.