Items fixed or changed in Parts&Vendors releases 6.0.x
AF=Added Feature


  • Fixes DateFormat from reverting to M/d/yyyy; and now accommodates formats like yyyy-MM-dd

  • Fixes Permission-ECO Setup Utility, which was not seeing license number on some Win8 systems, reverting to demo mode, and denying access. See notes for 6.0.141, which fixed this in the main program.

  • Disallows more than one ECO signoff department deletion per session, avoiding sync error of signoff columns.

  • Get Current Data File utility checks that file identified by pointer exists. Gives opportunity to clear pointer, which will cause program to open example6.mdb data file when it launches.

  • Reinstated FormMain_Load error handling, which alerts to startup error on some x64 computers.


  • Some Windows 8 computers were having P&V revert to demo mode, due to failure to read the license number from the Registry. This release moves the license to its own external text file to avoid that.

  • Fixes checked menu item for File | File Utilities | Maintenance | Refresh PLL Only Before Needed.  Wrong menu item was being checked/unchecked, but feature was still operational.

  • Removes PO Box address from Help | About | Register message box.


  • Fixes Find dialog search results columns and eliminates use of problematic .SGL files.

  • Fixes searching in PO | Items On Orders and ECO | All Items grids (search in current listing).  For this, a full reinstall is required (not just the short update), with the temporary downside being a reset of local preferences and settings back to the defaults (replacement of pvpr60.tdb local configuration file).


  • Fixes Paste to grid from clipboard going to wrong destination on control pane.

  • Suppresses Type Mismatch message on Form_Main_Load on some 64 bit systems. This allows completion of window formatting, though does not address source of error (still unknown).

  • Adjustments to screen fonts on Item Master - 2nd pass for 64 bit Windows font issues.

  • Removes P/N count restriction on opening unsecured data files with Demo (new with 6.0.138).

  • Fixes 'Sum of Column' when decimal and thousands separators (period and comma, respectively) are swapped (per Euro conventions). Feature now works only on columns with entirely numeric values (as originally intended).

  • Setup Not Finished message now refers to "Newer Windows" instead of specific versions.

  • Help | About box now shows full license number, instead of abbreviated display.

  • Removes periodic reminder to check for program updates.


  • Fixes various font issues in 64 bit Windows installations (overflow of captions and command button text outside of boundaries).  Applies to Vista, Win7 and Win8 computers.


  • Fixes Print Labels utility which was improperly saving certain line choice combinations when a barcode checkbox was set.

  • Fixes 'PO Order Qty' label count checkbox option on Label printing, when going directly to printer (was working when Previewed first).

  • Fixes '6 - Overflow' error when merging very large databases.

  • Fixes File Manager Comments saving, which was sometimes mixing comments when multiple entries were made in one session.

  • Windows 7 and Vista installations do not, by default, extend Delete permission to all users, which causes the program to fail to compact its own workspace file upon program closing.  Error message now reports the action to take, instead of previous cryptic "Compact Local Workspace - Database Already Exists" message that was confusing and not helpful.

  • A non-working JET 4 database engine installation would report a "429" error upon its first attempted use (OpenLocalDatabase).  This error message has been replaced by a more informative message that suggests the remedial action to take.

  • Prompts to check for free maintenance updates have been changed from every 30 days to every six months.


  • Changed wording of ECO features prompt when entering ECO Edition license number.

  • Removed font installations from program setup file.


  • Prompts to confirm correct Vendor P/N and Mfr P/N when opening and closing dropdowns on Sources and Items Supplied grids have been eliminated.

  • AF New utility in File | File Utilities | Maintenance to change file path in Files listings when location (server name or path) has changed.

  • When entering an ECO Edition license number, program now announces that ECO controls will show only after ECO features are installed into data file, by running separate Permission-ECO Setup Utility.

  • Err_OpenDatabaseConnection Error number 52 - Bad File Name or Number, now shows cause and remedy instead of cryptic error message.

  • Adding parent item to an ECO is now suppressed when its Status=Obsolete. Program now only adds items whose Status=Released, when this option is turned on (in ECO Settings).

  • Fixes benign error message when cancelling View | Currency/Date Formats | Set Date Format.

  • Fixes Reference(m) column on report when printing Cost Summary Tree.


  • Purchase List prompt for "Next Break is Better" now shows item Title in addition to P/N, to better describe the item.

  • Compare P/L now shows sort on P/N column with bold heading.

  • Opening View | Currency/Date Format | Set Date Format now shows saved value when opened, instead of default suggestion.

  • License entry now accepts (and fixes) lowercase and punctuation characters, and informs user when a previous version license number is being entered.


  • Fixes PN.PNDetail zero length string error when processing selected rows only in the Import Utility. (Processing all rows does not encounter error.)

  • When creating a MadeFrom relationship within an ECO (Edit List window) the Title and Detail were not being displayed on the list.

  • Fixes overflow error when opening enhanced dropdown on a very high resolution screen.


  • Fixes #94 error message when auto-generating RFQs for items with no Description field data.

  • Fixes error message when adding a source to a family of items (Edit | Add Source to Family of Items) when 'Copy From Existing Source' is unchecked.

  • PLAssySpec field in ECO edit list table PLE template has been increased to 255 characters wide instead of existing incorrect 50 character width. (tdtd.006)


  • When the received quantity of an item is greater than the order quantity, the outstanding quantity is considered to be zero, not a negative value (as it contributes to the OnOrd column on the Purchase List).


  • When changing a P/N, program now prompts to change "(from P/N)" link on POs of all status (Pending, Open, Closed [Closed is new]) and changes "P/N" entry for Pending and Open orders, but leaves P/N on closed orders undisturbed.

  • Opens Addresses grid in the Settings dialog from requiring PVAdmin permissions to requiring no permissions.


  • Makes Barcode scan window available to SE Edition.

  • Fixes printing of separate parts lists from the assembly tree when the parts list grid is set for 2 or 3-lines per item.

  • Excluded line items on a Job are no longer included in the totals on the printed reports for Quotations or Invoices.

  • Fixes expiring demo license date calculation for when Windows date format is other than M/d/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy.


  • AF Adds support for QL-500 Brother label printer.
  • AF Adds checkbox option on Page Setup dialog for Job reports:  Don't Add Client Name to Ship To Address.
    This permits the work-around of setting client ship-to address to a drop-ship address, without client name also being inserted on quote, invoice and packing list reports.
  • Fixes checked menu item Page | Use Enhanced Dropdowns (broken in 6.0.125).
  • Changing Units of Measure on a Primary source now updates Current Cost as displayed on Item Master (was always updated when making a Purchase List).
  • PO Notes can now be edited on closed POs (per user requests).


  • AF New Support menu increases visibility of website-based resources.

  • Fixes 'Reduce By Qty on Order' when 'Buy in Multiples Of' sub-option 'Applied After Reduce by Qty on Order' is checked in Settings dialog.


  • Cost value in Cur/Assy/MFCost column on Assy Tree was showing Current Cost instead of 'Last Calc MadeFrom Cost.'

  • Filter TotalsByJob now follows Page | Disable +/- date adjust keystrokes.

  • Restores rightmost column when exporting from the Assembly Tree.

  • Assy Cost and M/F Cost tab captions are now set immediately upon saving record (not needing refresh to show).

  • Supresses 91 error (Item not found in this collection) in grid_RowLoaded event if test column not on grid.

  • New File | File Utilities | Maintenance menu item to clear zero length strings from all memo fields in the database.


  • AF New checked Page menu option to disable Date +/- key action (necessary to key in date in dd-mm-yyyy format).

  • Reinstates export of Parent column when exporting from tree (from PV5).

  • Fixes editable text color on Mfr page email textboxes (was shown as black text).

  • Makes source units of measure fields available to the Item Master | ShowAll + Sources grid (in distribution local configuration file-- for new installations).

  • A negative cost entry on a PO was causing the Extension to be set to zero, as if 'ADVISE' option was turned on. Now that occurs only if the 'ADVISE' entry option (in Edit | Settings) is checked.

  • Login password entry box was limited to 10 characters; now set to 20 characters to match field length.

  • Fixes login to secured target database in Merge utility.


  • Fixes hiding of 'Eject Other Users' menu item after compacting databases without permission groups.

  • Fixes unwanted repositioning of 'Add Item' dialog on wide screens.

  • Enables a self-correction for Find dialog 3265 error.

  • Adds AttnTo column availability to the PO ShowAll grid in the distribution pvpr60.tdb file.

  • Sets POMNotes, PNNotes, JOBNotes to disallow zero length strings in pv6data._db database template and example6.mdb.


  • AF Can now 'Include All Sources" when exporting from Assembly Tree listing.  Make setting from File | Export menu.

  • Widened sources subreport to allow more room for Mfr and Vendor P/N entries.

  • Fixes 'Empty Parts List' color highlight on Parts List grid.


  • ALT key no longer opens Cost entry box on Sources and Items Supplied grids when cursor is in Cost cell (was preventing Alt-tabbing between applications).

  • Dates on Job page and accompanying reports have been revamped to provide more entry options: Date Invoiced; Date Shipped.

  • Fixes Customer and Job text on page header of multi-page job reports (W/O, Quote, Invoice and Packing List).


  • Fixes PO grand total resolution error when applying a very small exchange rate.


  • AF RoHS fields are made available on Mfr | Items Sourced grid.

  • Fixes Buy page switches for pending, open and closed orders.


  • This release adds alternate dropdowns that fix the cell-blanking problem seen on Sources and Items Supplied grids on some installations when manipulating the Vendor, Mfr and Mfr P/N dropdown lists on those grids (and typing in new data there). Activate these from the Grid Settings menu (small gridded button): Use Alternate Dropdowns.


  • Fixes error under certain conditions when using 'Copy Selected to Another List' with ECO edition on a non-ECO enabled database.

  • Disallows <enter> keystroke on parts list quantity field when grid is set to wrap text.


  • Fixes ECO report: invisible caption headings for item dispositions.

  • Fixes 3265 'Item not found in this collection' error when converting version 3 file to version 6.


  • If previous data file is not available, attempt to install new Job field is now cancelled.

  • Change to program behavior when adding a new Detail item directly to a Parent P/N's Detail list: Parent Status is copied to all Detail items. This is consistent with program behavior when linking existing items as child items of a Parent P/N by adding to the Detail grid, up to release 6.0.115. Editing a Parent P/N has always copied the Status to all Detail items.


  • AF The RFQ Date Reqd entry textbox now can be set for either a Text type field (the default) or a true Date type field, similar to the PO Dely Reqd box. The RFQ report and the Buy page Pending RFQ listing column toggles to pick up selected data type.

  • Changing the PO or RFQ Date Reqd field type setting from Date data type to Text data type now prompts to transfer data to the text field. Previous data transfer when changing type had been text-->date only. Now transfers date-->text if changing back.

  • AF Show Sources subreport (optionally available for Item Master ShowAll, Assy Tree, and Purchase List from Page Setup dialog) now includes RoHS field checkbox.

  • On 'Order This Item' window, textboxes for Cost, Per (unit) and AtLevel are now locked (not accepting keystrokes), consistent with functionality (user entries not accepted here).

  • Field POMAccount in POM table is now populated from the Vendor Account field when creating a new PO from 'Order This Item'.

  • Change to program behavior when adding an existing item to a Parent P/N's Detail list:
    Now does not cause the Status of all sibling items to be set to the parent's Status. This is consistent with creating a new Detail item directly on the parent P/N's Detail list. Editing the Parent P/N's Status does still result in its Status being copied to all of its Detail items.


  • AF Adds new 'Cust. Order #' field to Job page and quotation, invoice and packing list reports.

  • Enables Qty entry on the AddItem dialog when adding line items to the Job | Tasks grid.


  • AF Enables multiple report layout editing for Job Line Items: Work Order; Quotation; Invoice; Packing List.

  • Fixes error when choosing destination assembly on import window for EX edition files with installed permissions.


  • Restores clipboard cutting and pasting functionality on uncontrolled Item Master fields when Status <> U (User6-10, Stock, MinStock, OverKit textboxes).

  • Print Preview window title bar now shows "Database-Saved Report Layout" when using such.

  • Fixes 'Order This Item' quantity when first adding an item to an order and specifying BuyAs units for an asymmetrical unit of measure (Conversion<>1).

  • When converting a database from a previous version, POD table captions are updated from existing User Field captions. Otherwise, this still happens when editing any user field captions.

  • Merging from PV6 into a PV5 database has been enabled.


  • Fixes truncated first P/N character when creating ECO archive PDF file name.

  • Field POMAccount is now filled when manually creating a new PO (of interest only to those exporting directly from the table).


  • Unimplemented Attn To and Account labels were removed from Job reports.

  • Add Item dialog restores state of Filter By (visible or not), field and comparison operator upon opening, and saves upon closing, in Item mode.

  • Permission-ECO setup utility: Fixed overflow error upon logging in to add ECO features to an already-secured data file.


  • AF File Manager dialog can now be opened from popup menu on Item Master.

  • URL addresses (www or http) are exempt from path substitutions in File Manager.

  • Extra blank field at the end of each line item was removed from the Export output.


  • Fixes error on Client and Job enhanced dropdowns when checkbox is set on Item Master to filter obsolete items.

  • AF Adds 'Order This Item' to popup menu on Item Master (in addition to being available on the Edit menu).

  • Makes menu item View...Allow Editing on ShowAll Grid available for Client and Job pages.

  • Removes unimplemented Account: label on JOBs (work order) report header.

  • Makes menu item 'File...File Utilities...Maintenance...Run an Action SQL on Main Database' capable of running a saved query when the entry is the query name and is less than 10 characters in length.


  • AF Custom report layout filename is now shown in Print Preview window title bar when chosen from File...Open or File...MRU list.

  • AF New option setting for Purchase List quantity calculation (in Edit...Settings) so that 'MultiplesOf' entry takes precedence over 'Reduce By Qty on Order'. Check box: 'MultiplesOf applied AFTER 'Reduce by Qty on Order'.

  • When importing parts lists, a blank 'List Item Number' now does not overwrite the item number, so multiple instances of a P/N need have only one item number callout.

  • Enforces 20 character limit on 'Who' entry when adjusting inventory on Build page.

  • Fixes use of User fields 6-10 on 'Inventory' grid and 'ShowAll + Sources' grid.

  • Fixes visibility of Pending, Open, Closed slide switches on Buy page when opening program on that tab.

  • Setup includes enhanced TransferSettings utility with browse dialog for locating previous PV installation in non-default location.


  • Fixes error message in some cases when suggesting next JOB number.

  • Removes unimplemented checkbox and text field for Customer shipping account on JOB reports.


  • Fixes error message when making a Purchase List with all three order status checkboxes unchecked.

  • Fixes error message when autogenerating RFQs from Purchase List data.


  • Fixes certain Find dialog errors and blanked grid when sorting on certain columns (parts list search context).

  • Opening Find dialog from User 6-10 fields on Item Master now puts field in dialog.

  • Enables Client and Job context searches.

  • AF Enables importing of Client data.


  • Help menu item for Tour was looking for PV5 version instead of PV6 version.


  • Fixes Merge error 'argument not optional' when merging current listing.
  • Fixes transfer of saved views on running setup when the view includes a saved filter.


  • Makes User fields 6-10 available on Purchase List, Kit List and Assy Tree.

  • Makes parts list AssySpec field available on Kit List.

  • Fixes TransferSettings to correctly transfer saved views from previous version (3, 4 or 5) when the saved view includes a saved Filter.


  • Production release of version 6.0

  • Adds RoHS checkbox indicator to Item report, sources line items.


  • Fixes GPREF error upon saving QuickBooks interface settings.

  • Prevents uninstall of PV5 from removing components needed for PV6.


  • Fixes Client tab showing 0 after editing User field captions.

  • Fixes error message if prompt to save compacted database elsewhere is cancelled.

  • Fixes error message on license check timer if program sits with blank screen (no current data file, as from above action).

  • Fixes adding an item to a PO / RFQ from a second Source record where program would use the first Source record data.


  • Clicking the dropdown button on the Vendor lists on the RFQ and PO pages, and the Client list on the Job page now causes the open list to close (same as other enhanced dropdowns).

  • Fixes moving ShipTo addresses up and down on the list on Settings dialog. To re-sync an existing installation, delete one of your ShipTo addresses (this forces a renumbering of the list order), then recreate the ShipTo record by adding to the end of the list of addresses.

  • Fixes PO/RFQ selection of which P/N is on first line.

  • Fixes error message when adding items to a PO/RFQ/TASK if one or more User field captions are blank.

  • Item Status for an assembly is now an available column on the Used On grid and the Used On dialog box (from full install only, not from Pvu60xxx.exe update, sorry).


  • Requires Cost Update permission to open the Currency dialog.

  • Prevents 'Order This Item' dialog from opening when there is no source for the item.

  • Changes to keep color code bars on the list header status panel aligned with their corresponding checkboxes.

  • Changes to prevent error messages when clicking on Client and Job pages before any records exist.

  • Removed irrelevant message box (cascade delete) when deleting client records.


  • Fixes repeating error on parts list grid when no Reference Designator column is on the grid and the status panel checkbox for Qty <> Reference Designator Count is checked.


  • Fixes error when importing selected rows when multiple assemblies are specified in List Assy P/N column.

  • Changes list tab graphic arrow from red to blue.

  • Fixes saving of List...Currency/Date Formats...Set Date Format.


  • Fixes error when Searching by Date or Boolean data.

  • Limits entry of RFQ and PO numbers (new or change) to 30 characters (the table field size) to prevent error message. Matches same behavior for P/N, Vendor, Mfr, Job entry (of 50 characters).

  • Fixes error in UpdateLocalFromMain when refreshing blank English column captions.

  • Reinstates RoHS fields in source records and PO Date Reqd date field in template data file.

  • AF Adds a new red indicator on list tabs to help indicate which tab is selected.

  • Fixes error on grid with status panel when color flag column is not on the grid.


  • Date Reqd on PO was showing on printed report when using text field, but not when set to use true date field.


  • Extends Used On functionality to ShowAll + Sources grid.

  • Fixes Job page error where Client ID# is blank.

  • Fixes error when toggling to and from Job page.

  • Fixes blank Client listbox when opening directly to Job page.


  • Fixes non-updating of Job totals. Immediate workaround: close and reopen program after creating a new job.


  • Fixes SetHeadingFontColor error on 1-line parts list, Purchase List, Kit List, Inventory grid and ShowAll + Sources grids after toggling Show RoHS on the Sources or Items Supplied grids.

  • Fixes RowLoaded error when Show Columns dialog is open on 1-line parts list grid and Purchase List.

  • On the BarCode input dialog, the tabs were sometimes cut off if the wide XP title bar was used.

6.0.83 - Initial Beta Release