Items fixed or changed in Parts&Vendors releases 5.0.x


  • Fixes error when importing selected rows when multiple assemblies are specified in List Assy P/N column.

  • Fixes saving of List...Currency/Date Formats...Set Date Format.


  • PO and RFQ dates on printed reports were displayed with a fixed "short date" format. Now the date is displayed with the same user-set date format used elsewhere in the program.

  • Removes Portrait-only limitation of PO and RFQ reports so custom report layouts (only) can use a landscape orientation.

  • When changing the Type of an item created within an ECO to PL or CAT (on the Edit Item window), the parts list may now be edited (on the Edit List window) to permit the assembly definition to be built entirely within the ECO.

  • When changing an item created within an ECO to a MadeFrom item (on the Edit Item window), the MadeFrom relationship can be edited (on the Edit List window) to permit the item definition to be built entirely within the ECO.


  • Restores mutual exclusivity between CAT/PL (list types) and parent P/Ns on the item master pane controls.


  • Sets report module to work with previously saved custom report layouts.

  • Avoids update error message when adding item to ECO that has zero-length string in PNNotes field.


  • When 'Switching Manufacturer Name for Selected Items' or 'Switching Vendor Name for Selected Items,' all selected rows were not being transferred in one session. Now they are.


  • Fixes vertical lines showing on single row per item reports.


  • Sets Buy and Build pages to validate entry on the P/N dropdown, just as it does on other pages. ECO page dropdown now validates entry also.

  • Fixes CalculatePOTotals error message caused when auto-generated RFQ/PO is created with Tax2 setting of "Apply to Subtotal + Tax1"


  • Printing from the Assy Tree now accommodates up to 20 sub-levels, increased from 14.

  • Fixes Cost Summary Tree for very small cost values (subassemblies with total costs of only fractional cents were being rounded to zero).


  • Fixes 'Primary Only' selection when generating RFQs from a Purchase List.


  • Applies saved report layout to RFQs and POs when printing a group of documents from the Buy page.

5.0.158 (Service Pack 3)

  • Changes sort of parts list reference designators to selected rows only.


  • Fixes missing-last-column problem in export from Assy Tree, introduced in release 5.0.153.


  • New feature to sort parts list reference designators. Menu: List...Reference Designators...Sort.


  • New Import option permits user to specify separating reference designators with comma+space or space only. Flyout from Tools menu.

  • Importing was not saving the 'Item Stock' column value if the item's Status was Released. 'Item Stock Add' and 'Item Stock Subtract' functionalities were unaffected. Imports to refresh Item Stock are now independent of item Status.


  • Adds new export column from Assy Tree, showing parent assembly for each item (sometimes called 'Next Assy'). Active for exports to CSV or Excel.


  • Adds new File...File Utilities...Maintenance menu item: 'Refresh PLL only before needed' . This causes an internal refresh of assembly relationships to execute just before needed in Purchase List and Kit List compilation instead of occurring during other operations. May save time in some large database installations.


  • Import utility using 'List Assy P/N' column (for importing multiple assemblies) was assigning wrong title for the assembly if listing did not also contain the companion line item for the assembly item itself. (Corrected a bad response to sloppy import data.)


  • Fixes overflow message when opening POs and RFQs in very large data files.


  • Receiving decimal order quantities on a PO was sometimes resulting in a slightly different value due to data type conversion.


  • Changing the Status of an item to Unreleased now immediately enables the Parent, MadeFrom and Controlled checkboxes on the Item Master, which previously required saving and refreshing the record to enable them.

  • The input box for changing the Vendor name now has additional text to clarify its purpose: This is for fixing the spelling of this name only. To change Source to another vendor, be on the Vendor...Items Supplied grid and use the menu item List...Switch Vendor Name for Selected Items.

  • Same as above for changing a Manufacturer name.


  • Parts lists printed from the ECO Edit List window now have the option of appending the ECO number onto the report title.

  • PO total was sometimes showing rounding error for sum of high resolution subtotal and taxes, resulting in least significant digit being off by one cent.

  • If the default report layout file for a listing becomes corrupted (error 5711), the program will now unhook from that (.rpx) file and inform the user that it is doing so.

  • If attempting to close the Permissions dialog with no user set as PVAdmin, program prompted to fix this, but closed the connection to the database so that entry couldn't be fixed. Now works correctly.


  • Items in QuickBooks that are subitems of others are now transferred into P&V without their parent items. Example: Item ABC:DEF from QB is now transferred into PV as item DEF.

  • 'Copy Selected to Another List' action is disallowed if the target list is on an open ECO or its Status<>Unreleased.


  • On the Add Item dialog, a fast-find entry was not always causing the grid to scroll to the relevant item.


  • When importing multiple assemblies in one session, some installations would not successfully complete the operation, producing an error message that referred to an OLE or Memo field.

  • Multiple assembly imports would leave Title = "Imported List" and Detail = "From file <filename> unless the overwrite box was checked. Now, if new destination assemblies have a line item in the import list, then the Title and Detail fields are written from available data.


  • Fixes false barcode status message 'FAILED' when scanning inventory adjustment on item master page that does not match input. Scanning from any other tab/page did not result in false 'FAILED' message.


  • Fixes error message upon attempting to import new/replacement vendor information for an item.


  • When importing multiple lines of the same P/N to add or subtract from Stock (columns 'Item Add Stock' or 'Item Subtract Stock'), quantities are now combined for the operation.

  • When importing multiple lines of the same P/N to set the stock quantity (column 'Item Stock Qty'), the last instance now overwrites previous instances (subsequent instances were formerly ignored)

  • Typing fast-find entries on the Import 'Set P/N for Selected Rows' dialog were causing an error message. Picking from the dropdown list was not.


  • Extends expansion of item master Revision field to 10 characters into ECO functions (was limited to previous 4 character field size). Run UpdateFileFormat.exe to set new field sizes in data file.


  • Fixes situation where entering foreign vendor costs on an RFQ would save incorrect value into displayed Cost on Vendor...Items Supplied grid (saved price breaks remained correct).


  • Editing the BuyNet quantity on the Purchase List will now cause program to re-look up the price break and extend costs on that grid.

  • If default PO notes file is missing, program was locking up when auto-generating POs. Now it shows a message that describes the problem.


  • On Compare Parts List window, menu item 'Print to PDF' was opening the report layout editor.

  • Fixes missing local settings file on failed compact.

  • Full setup file implements /NOFONTS command line option.


  • MadeFrom relationships were being stripped from items when released on an ECO.


  • 1-Click checkbox was obscured on RFQ page enhanced dropdown when width was set narrow.

  • Cost Summary Tree column for Cost Each now has multi-decimal format consistent with cost each format elsewhere in program (3+ places).

  • Blank vendor entries, when importing, were being filled with vendor from previous row.

  • Program was permitting duplicate PO numbers

  • 'Other' item was being checked for duplicates when being added to POs.


  • When making a Purchase List, the option of updating item and assembly costs was doing so even if the costs were set to zero (per cost option setting). Now zero values on the Purchase List don't update the item master.

  • Fixes ReadMe screen opening every time program is launched.

  • When making a Purchase List where 'Reduce by Qtys on Orders' was selected, and 'For Job#' was not, and PO line items for a part included a MIX of job numbers, the OnOrd column was less than the actual total on the specified range of POs.

  • Report title was blank when printing documents for selected rows on Pending RFQ(s) and Pending PO(s) grids.


  • Fixes hidden parts on Purchase List for German language Windows.

  • Fixes stuck caption "Total of Line Items - (No Tax)" on 'Totals By Job' report

  • On Assy Tree report, 'Hide Costs' option for sources subreport was hiding price breaks listing but not source line item cost. Now it does.


  • Enhancements to Vendor dropdowns on RFQ and PO pages (to be consistent with other control pane dropdowns):
    -Keystrokes now cause open enhanced dropdown to scroll to matching item on the list.
    -Tab keystroke now causes enhanced dropdown to close.
    -Click on dropdown button when enhanced dropdown is open causes same to close.


  • Canceling Edit...Replace Item Everywhere was causing program to terminate.

  • Blank item numbers on parts lists were causing error on printout of tree.


  • P&V now flags QuickBooks' 15 character limit on ShipMethod and 11 character limit on PO Numbers when sending POs to QuickBooks.

  • Importing of Mfr and Vendor website URLs was causing an error. Now it doesn't.

  • Converting from a PV4 format data file was not updating certain cost fields from single to double precision, requiring running the separate UpdateFileFormat.exe utility. This function is now included in the conversion utility that runs upon opening the V4 database.

  • Converting previous version data files now sets currency format string field size to 35 characters to accommodate multi-character currency symbols.


  • Fixes initial conversion when first entering new costs in foreign currency on cost dropdown box.


  • Makes Vendor Leadtime field available for imported items.

  • Fixes error message when saving new ECO Archive report layout.

  • Fixes error message when removing a subassembly from the tree view.


  • New feature on Edit menu: 'Replace Item Everywhere' provides a way to substitute a P/N on all assemblies whose Status=Unreleased.

  • Import utility now includes 'Item Controlled' field when importing to the item master.

  • On Inventory Valuation Report, listing of items with cost=0 (tool to identify items without a valid source entry) was including items whose cost was not zero.


  • Import utility enhancements:
    1- Now capable of bringing in multiple assemblies (parts lists) per session. Set column to 'List Assy P/N' to identify list.
    2- New "Item Add Stock" and "Item Subtract Stock" column settings to handle inventory adjustments. Useful for processing CSV files generated from portable barcode scanning devices.
    3- Now capable of saving multiple column layouts.

  • Changes QuickBooks interface to send CurrentCost for all transferred items. This change requires specifying an Income Account on the Settings tab for Non-Inventory items (even though these items may never be sold).

  • Fixes "Primary Only" choice when generating RFQs from a purchase list.

  • Fixes missing last page when printing sheet style labels.


  • Fixes adjustment of Top Assembly inventory from Buy page (disabled in release .123)


  • Fixes entry of prompted ECO number (disabled in release .123)

5.0.123 (Service Pack 2)

  • Adds new Bar Code Scan input feature:
    -- Find an item, Adjust Stock for an item, Receive an item.
    -- Select the menu View...Barcode... or F11 key to open.  Interface window is sized to be positioned below control pane on screens of 1024x768 or higher.
    -- Responds to so-called "wedge" interfaces that send barcode scans as keyboard keystrokes.

  • Adds barcode capability to Label printing.
    -- Set any label line as a barcode.
    -- If next line is set as blank, barcode will expand to use that space too.

  • Fixes handling of comma used for decimal separator in various places in the program.
    (PO Tax rate entries, fractional order quantities, and fractional Parts List and MadeFrom quantities when making Purchase and Kit lists.)

  • Improved FastFind behavior on Add Item dialog when quickly typing characters (doesn't get ahead of itself).

  • On the Settings dialog, editing or adding new ship-to addresses were not being saved until clicking on another address row.

  • When editing the PO order quantity of an 'Other' item, program now does not attempt to look up cost.

  • On the PO Line Items grid, the Qty Rcvd column (cumulative quantity received) no longer accepts a blank entry (will revert to zero), ensuring a stock adjustment calculation will be made when items are received.

  • Fixes message "Cannot open any more tables" that was occurring on some systems after numerous control pane requeries.

  • Fixes error message when copying a parts list and responding 'No' then 'Yes' to copying sources.

  • Enhanced dropdown lists are defaulted to ON for new installations.

  • Updated interface DLL to QuickBooks accommodates QBSDK 1.1 requests from QBSDK 2.0 editions.


  • Fixes '13 - Type Mismatch' error message when attempting to edit the MadeFrom list of an MF item added to an ECO after Issued.

  • When Regional Settings are set to use thousands separator=. and decimal separator=, updating the exchange rate was resulting in syntax error message.


  • Fixes list width toggle (problem introduced in 5.0.120)

  • If set to transfer all items to QuickBooks as Inventory Items, program was still transferring items on POs as Non-Inventory items.

  • Fixes blanking of QuickBooks accounts when clicking the checkbox to show acct numbers.


  • Fixes misplaced screen splitter position when opening the program on some systems.

  • Pressing <enter> on Filter dialog was causing error if last user action was filling in match data.

  • Fixes errors when transferring POs to QuickBooks when the PO P/N has trailing spaces.

  • Fixes toolbar error reported on some systems when program opens.


  • Traps attempts to send P/Ns or Vendor names longer than the 31 characters allowed in QuickBooks .

  • Traps attempts to send POs to QuickBooks when PO Notes text exceeds QuickBooks' limit of 100 characters.
    New checkbox option on QB Settings dialog to send PO anyway, without Notes.

  • Fixes "Can't open any more tables" error when making a Purchase List on some systems.


  • New option to have the dropdown lists on toolbar for View History, Saved Views and Saved Filters expand to fill all available space. Right clicking on the toolbar background (between controls) will open a popup menu where you can make the setting.

  • New checkbox option to show account numbers when choosing QuickBooks item accounts.

  • Can now set a COGS (cost of goods sold) account for non-inventory items to be sent to QuickBooks.

  • Fixes accounts setting problem when connecting to QuickBooks Premier.

  • On PO Line Items, grid can now be sorted by (from P/N) column/cell.

  • Program now disallows direct entry of Current Cost on Item Master if there are existing Source records for the item.


  • Speed improvement on item search (for large databases) when typing into dropdowns on control pane, Fast Find on Add Item dialog, and column search boxes on enhanced P/N dropdown.

  • Notes indicators for Vendor and Mfr pages were not visible (as with PV4). Now they are.

  • Allows changing of grid column alignment by Alt+Clicking on column header.

  • Purchase and Kit lists were not being cleared on some systems when changing the Top Assy P/N. Now they are.

5.0.116 (Service Pack 1)

  • Fixes "Cannot open any more tables" error when making a Purchase List on some systems.


  • Permits showing 'OnOrd' quantity on Purchase List even if 'Reduce By' is unchecked. Set Pending, Open, Closed and Job checkboxes to specify scope of orders before unchecking 'Reduce By' checkbox.

  • New option to permit items with negative quantities on the Kit List. Make setting on Edit...Settings...Purch/Kit List. (Requested by user to apply "adjustment P/L" to a build without changing P/L quantities for base assembly.)

  • Changes caption 'Pending' to 'ToPrint' on PO and RFQ ShowAll grids and BUY Pending PO(s) and Pending RFQ(s) grids. Change made to avoid conflict elsewhere with Pending definition=DateIssued Is Blank and DateClosed Is Blank.


  • Fixes saving of default report layouts to disk files.

  • Fixes default paths to saved report layout files.

  • Saves license information to both local machine and current user registry areas to accommodate multiple Win2K logons.


  • When sending vendors to QuickBooks, vendor name is now copied into line 1 of vendor address, per QB internal behavior (so it shows on line 1 of purchase order address block).

  • Fixes duplication of last vendor address line on purchase orders sent to QuickBooks.

  • Fixes "5 - invalid procedure" error when sending purchase orders to QuickBooks and when listing PV Items on the 'Connection to QuickBooks' dialog (both due to existing items in QB where Name<>FullName properties).


  • On Win2k and NT, avoids "License Check File Not Found" message under some non-admin logons.

  • AVL (Approved Vendor List):  The source field "Choice" is now available as a column on the Item Master Show All + Sources grid. A filter can be made for that grid where Choice Is Not Blank. If the Choice cell on the Sources grid has an entry, it identifies an approved vendor for the item.  Further, if the grid's secondary sort (shift+click) is the Choice column, the vendors will be listed in the order of preference.

  • Adds "Leadtime" field to the assy tree listing.

  • On the PO Line Items grid, the cell "(from P/N)" is now available for printing on labels.


  • Fixes "Row handles must be released" message.


  • Fixes conversion of version 2 data files.


  • Fixes Filter error on enhanced dropdown when entering in multiple columns not including the last column.

  • Fixes conversion of previous version file format that prevents foreign currency values from showing.


  • Prevents Group License from being marked as invalid if entered multiple times in Help...About box.

  • When creating a new RFQ, default tax settings are saved with it, in case the RFQ is later converted to a PO.

  • Upon creating new PO, tax rate boxes on list footer continued to display rate from last displayed PO, until refreshed or items added to the new PO. Boxes are now blanked until refresh or adding items.


  • Special use only - Group License Fix

One of our users discovered that if you enter your group license number multiple times from the Help...About box, it's set as invalid. This Utility will clear that situation.
Method 1 GroupFix
Method 2 GroupFix
(1.1 megs)
(Version will show as ...107 or later, but it doesn't substitute for getting the latest update unless you already had ...106. Latest update 5.0.108 or newer will prevent the situation in the future, but won't clear the existing license invalidation.)
(Both links retrieve the same file. Use the one that works with your browser.)


  • New Search and Filter feature on Item Master enhanced dropdown makes it easier to find desired part.

  • Printer selection dropdown list added to Page Setup dialog. Saves specific printer selection for each report type. Most helpful when one printer has 11x17 paper capability.

  • Duplicate Labels can now be printed from the PO Line Items grid, with label count = PO Order Qty. (Set the checkbox on the Label dialog.)

  • Changing a vendor's currency now prompts user to make cost value adjustments for cases where the foreign vendor's costs were entered directly in the foreign currency. (Example: Canadian organizations who entered their US vendors' costs in $USD instead of $CAD.)

  • "Saved Views" dropdown list was reverting back to that caption, preventing deletions of actual saved views.


  • Fixes error message when creating a filter that includes the Type field.

  • Filtering by the Type field on a Purchase List was not showing the dropdown list of available choices.

  • Fixes error when setting the destination list in Import module on a non-ECO file.

  • Fixes BOF error when importing into an empty data file with no vendors, mfrs, mfr p/ns.

  • Fixes error when copying a PO to a different vendor.

  • Improved FastFind behavior on Item Master when quickly typing characters (doesn't get ahead of itself).


  • Enables report and label layout editor for DEMO edition.

  • Fixes use of ECO demo license in non-ECO file.

  • When moving grid columns, horizontal scrollbar was temporarily inaccessible until grid was refreshed.

  • When printing from ECO Edit List window, Type, Detail and Ref were not printing.

  • Changed ECO Edit List report title was not being saved.

  • Auto refresh would cause a tmr_Timer Type Mismatch error if program was idling on an empty listing.

  • Fixes error when creating new ECO if program opened on ECO page.

  • Fixes error when releasing an assembly on ECO where a removed line item was not deleted from the item master.


  • Prevents applying Filter that is invalid due to blank criteria box.

  • ECO Edit List window now shows the number of list items in the status bar.

  • Fixes situation where adding an item to a PO would show fractional quantity in scientific notation when prompting to increase quantity to a whole number.

  • Fixes "License Check File not Found" when program was installed on a Windows NT/2k/XP with Admin logon, and a new license number was entered from another logon.


  • Fixed error when copying an RFQ or PO to a different vendor.
  • Fixed condition where program was permitting an RFQ to be copied to the same RFQ number.
  • Fixed error "Cannot find table GPREF; License missing; exiting program."
  • Fixed error upon attempting to delete an RFQ or PO under certain conditions. (Both could still be deleted from RFQ/PO ShowAll listing.)


  • Fixed error after closing Print Preview of Purchase List: "Cannot find table GPREF; License missing; exiting program."
  • Fixed error on ECO Edit List window when adding or replacing line items.
  • Fixed error in ECO when refreshing Edit Item records: "PNE.PNNotes cannot be zero length string."
  • Fixed RFQ and PO where sometimes changing Units did not save line item.
  • If unable to open local configuration file, program now replaces file with saved copy.

5.0.100 initial distribution release

5.0.99 same as 5.0.105

5.0.98 same as 5.0.104

5.0.97 same as 5.0.103

5.0.96 same as 5.0.102

5.0.95 same as 5.0.100

  • When printing a group of selected documents from the Buy...Pending PO(s) grid, the currency format was not sent to the report. 
    Added menu item: File...Print...Use Currency Format...Local/Vendor to select currency format for this operation.
  • View History listing was putting prefix from previously visited page on entries for Buy or Build pages.
  • New splash screen and Help..About dialog graphic.
  • Replaced Beta introduction window with Upgrade introduction window.


  • Add Item dialog was not changing context when switching between listings.
  • Copying a PO was not refreshing the dropdown list with the new PO.
  • If Purchase or Kit list data listing has been edited, now a prompt to confirm overwrite pops up before making new Purchase or Kit list.
  • On computers with very high resolution screens (1600+ pixels wide) toggling between Preview and Design tabs on the Report Layout Editor was leaving a vertical band on the left side of the screen, obscuring image.
  • Alignment Toolbar on Report Layout Editor was not set to show by default.
  • New menu item on Report Layout Editor to Set (snap) Grid Interval.
  • New menu item on Report Layout Editor to open the Help file.
  • New checkbox on Dial dialog (from Vendor and Mfr tabs) to suppress "1" prefix when dialing or faxing.
  • On currency dialog, local currency is now always the first row.
  • Notes and Names buttons on RFQ and PO pages were swapped in position from PV4.


  • Non-US installations now fully initialize the Local Currency format.
  • Connection to QuickBooks updated to work with QB Enterprise Edition and QB 2003.
  • Purchase Order (printed report only) was showing job numbers offset upward by one row.
  • Kit List caused error if no vendors, manufacturers or mfr P/Ns in the database.
  • New menu item: Page...Disable Dropdown Autofill.


  • During setup, if "Transfer Settings" was checked, an error message: 'No Current Record' appeared. Saved Filters were transferred; Saved Views were not.
  • If blanking the Cur.Cost box on the Item Master, saving the record caused a 'Type Mismatch' error.
  • Added "Default Font" to the Grid and Tree settings menus.
  • Currency dialog was reworked, making it clearer how to enter new default local currency and removing format prompts that were getting in the way of entering new format text.
  • When adding an item to a list, if cancelled due to a duplicate already on the list, the grid now moves to that item, setting it as the current record.

5.0.91 - Initial Beta Release