Changes / Fixes in each Release


  • Fixes a problem where the 'Buy in Multiples Of' value for an item with no primary source is set to the last non-zero (or non-1) 'Buy in Multiples Of' value when making a Purchase List.


  • Fixes problem introduced in release 4.0.39:  Persistent Pv.exe/tabctl32.ocx error upon launching. Error invoked by closing program on Build page. To release, download and run (ftp) Pv4039startup.exe or (http) Pv4039startup.exe. (8k), or update to release 4.0.40 for a permanent fix.
  • New checkbox option on Buy page to generate RFQs for primary sources only.
  • Fixes 'AddToTree' error message after Type of new P/N had been changed to CAT or PL, and tree had not yet been refreshed.
  • When 'Suggest Next P/N' overflows, it now shows the existing data that exceeds the maximum limit.


  • Currency data is transferred as numeric values when exporting directly to Excel or Copy/Paste via clipboard (was previously causing formatting difficulties in Excel).
  • When converting an RFQ to a PO, default notes (from user file) are now inserted into the new PO.
  • Right clicking on a grid column heading caused column to shrink to a minimum width. This 'feature' has been disabled.
  • Cost Update options on the BUY page were not being saved if another tab on that page was selected before saving changes on that page.
  • Fixes error message in CalculatePOTotals (Invalid control array index) when autogenerated PO has 2nd tax enabled and setting for Tax2 on Subtotal + Tax1.


  • Items on Orders grid (PO page) now can have columns for Title, Detail, Type and User fields.
  • If the utility to 'Separate Reference Designators with Spaces' encounters (or causes) data too long to fit into the RefText field, it will now identify the offending record(s).
  • Inserting the date with Ctrl+; on the Item Master was not setting the edit indicator nor being saved if that was the only edit on the page.
  • Clicking on the Files/URLs tab when the 'Add Item' dialog was open would lock up the program.


  • ECO module: When changing a P/N by ECO, the text "~~ECO" was incorrectly being appended to the saved P/N.
  • Saved View and Saved Filter dropdowns on the toolbar now show more items without the need to scroll.
  • When printing an RFQ or PO that already has a Response/ShipTo address (from a previous preview or print), that already-specified address will now appear in the 'Choose Address' box when it first opens, rather than the first available choice from the database address settings.


  • When faxing RFQs or POs, the RFQ or PO number is now sent to the Winfax subject field.
  • When making a new PO, the totals on the grid footer (from the previous PO) remained until the grid was refreshed or new line items were added. The footer is now cleared when the new PO is created.
  • Program was allowing changing a PO# or RFQ# to an existing number if the checkbox 'Show PO/RFQ for this Vendor Only' was checked.
  • Field for Mfr P/N had not been available when filtering.
  • Revision textbox on the control pane now expands with the width of the pane.


  • Some CSV files have the incorrect format of placing a space between commas that separate empty data fields. While there should be no characters between the commas, P&V will now accommodate the bad format when importing data.
  • ECO edition only -- New P/Ns created by pending ECOs are set as Status=R and have explanatory message to not delete in Title and Detail. Release of ECO will overwrite/update the data in these fields.
  • ECO edition only -- When attempting to add an item that is on an open ECO to an assembly, the program will prompt for a 'Yes/No' response to 'Add anyway.' When doing this on the Tree view, and responding 'No', two benign error messages appear from 'AddItemToTree'. This has been fixed on this release.
  • In ECO-Permission Setup, if the data file is in use the error message: '70-Permission Denied' appears. This has been replaced with more explanatory message.
  • If MadeFrom is unchecked on an item with MF dependents, program prompts to confirm (reinstated feature was disabled in 4.0.33).
  • In Merge, the Primary setting for other Source records is now cleared when the new data has a primary Source.


  • New utility to Convert Vendors to Manufacturers. From menu choose File... File Utilities... Convert Vendors to Mfrs.
  • Merge utility has a new checkbox to include/exclude the 'Stock' field when doing a bulk merge.
  • ECO Settings archive path was not being saved if only typed or pasted in; saved only when browsed for.
  • Fixes resolution error in inventory valuation report and Sum of Column function (was causing a few cents discrepancy with very large values).


  • On the ECO Edit Item window, the Zoom text dialog can now be opened from the popup menu. This is helpful when editing item notes.
  • Prevents changing the Type of an item to PL or CAT if the item is already part of a MadeFrom relationship.
  • On the Item Master, the Assy Cost tab caption and Linked Vendor option buttons are tied to the Type and MadeFrom settings for the currently displayed item. Both controls are set upon refreshing the record, and now are also set immediately upon saving the record.
  • File manager window was not saving changes upon closing the window unless another row or a column heading was clicked first.
  • New option in ECO Settings to permit Merging into a file under ECO control, by a user with PVAdmin permission. Overwrite action of items is limited to items with Status = Unreleased.
  • Bulk Merge now transfers all Mfr P/Ns, even if not linked to any item.


  • Suggest Next P/N (and RFQ/PO number) now correctly adds leading zeroes for last 'Suggest' option. (Suggests 00002 when highest existing is 00001.)
  • When attempting to add an item to an ECO when that item is on another open ECO, a prompt appears which reports that fact, but was showing the ECO's ID instead of the actual ECO number. This has been corrected.
  • Modified auto-find action on the main dropdown lists on the control pane:  It is now possible to edit the text in the textbox portion of the control without each new keystroke causing a search action. This is useful when desiring to move to another known P/N, e.g., changing from P/N 1234 to P/N 2234 by editing only the first character, then pressing <enter>. Or, from P/N 1234 to 1244 by editing the 3rd character, etc.  Must press enter to refresh the record after such an edit.
  • Entering a + sign when entering values on the Adjust Stock (Ctrl+K) input box now functions normally.
  • P/N box at bottom of P/L report has been widened slightly.


  • Fixes blank displays of Mfr, Mfr P/N, Vendor P/N, Vendor Desc. on Assy Tree when the Sources column is not included on the view. (Problem introduced in release 4.0.30).


  • Not Used grid has been changed so it excludes items that are used by MadeFrom items.
  • 'MultiplesOf' column is now available on the Buy page...Purchase List grid.
  • 'Date Reqd' column is now available on Item Master...RFQ(s) grid.
  • 'CurrentCost' column is now available on the Item Master...Not Used grid.
  • Fixes auto-fill on ECO page dropdown list.
  • Program no longer prompts for confirmation when adding multiple 'Other' items to an RFQ or PO.


  • Fixes entry of letter (alpha) currency characters (leading or trailing decimal value).
  • Fixes 'No Current Record' error when printing a multipage report from the Item Master...Sources grid.
  • Fixes overflow error when adding an item to a PO with a large order quantity entered on 'Add Item' dialog.
  • Reference field data on the Cost Summary Tree was not showing on the printed report.
  • When making a Purchase List, with Update CurrentCost option turned on, an assembly's CurrentCost was being set to zero if the assembly's 'Linked Vendor Cost' setting was set to Ignore.
  • Fixes 'Type Mismatch' error upon attempting to enter non-numeric ECO number.
  • When copying an item and copying its sources, the source 'At Level' entry was not being copied. This affected screen view and printed report from that record on the Sources grid only; Purchase List still looked up costs based on At Level.
  • Added the exclamation icon to the delete confirmations on the Control Pane.
  • Added menu item for PDF printing from the ECO Edit List window.
  • Cost column on PO report was widened slightly.


  • Fixes error message upon attempting to 'Add Text from File' in Zoom Text box.


  • File Manager window now opens from the Assy Tree view.


  • ECO Edition:
        New ECO option to allow PVAdmin user to edit a Released ECO. (On ECO Settings dialog.)
        New ECO option to prompt for next ECO number (not recommended, but some users insist). (On ECO Settings dialog.)
  • Filter dropdown list (for P/N box) on Item Master now opens to show all entries without scrolling.
  • Toolbar buttons for Print and Preview now follow the enabled state of the equivalent menu items.
  • Fixes TDSaveOne error message when creating first PO for a new vendor.


  • Ten digit dialing-- If you must dial the area code for local calls (without the 1 prefix):
    A new page on the Settings dialog lets you enter as many as five local area codes. If the vendor fax area code matches one of these, the 10 digit number is used for Dialing or when faxing via WinFax.
  • Fixes misalignment of sheet-style labels when printing content that includes vendor/mfr addresses or lengthy reference designator data.


  • User field captions are now used in appended instruction text for first ECO of an item (instead of User1, User2...).
  • Quotation marks are now stripped from P/N field when importing. (P&V does not allow (") character in P/N.)
  • Fixes error message when converting an RFQ to a PO.


  • Fixes alignment of Cost columns on the tree report.
  • Fixes Purchase List shortage Qty calculation of a PL item set to Not Expand (was deducting avail. stock twice).
  • Fixes Merge access (by PVAdmin user) to a secured data file.
  • Inventory adjustment History line items can now be deleted by user with PVAdmin permission.
  • Program now prevents linking a MadeFrom item to itself (circular reference caused an overflow error when making a Purchase List).
  • Clicking in the textbox portion of a dropdown list on the Control Pane will now save the record if not yet saved.
  • Background shading of page header captions on 3-line P/L report is now turned off when faxing.
  • New (hidden) option to specify/edit ECO number (whole number between 1 and 2000000000) rather than highest available +1. (Not particularly recommended, but requested by some users. Contact Tech Support to find out how to invoke this option.)
  • New (hidden) option to suppress prompting and/or saving of edits to PO report title. (Contact Tech Support to find out how to invoke this option.)


  • Fixes editing on assembly tree.


  • NEW report printable from ECO EditList window. Useful when checking changes to an assembly on ECO.
  • Fixes saving of last edited record on ECO EditList when buttons or menus are clicked before saving.
  • On File Manager window, the menu item 'Remove' is now operational when the current user has ECOAdmin permission.
  • Fixes grid font size upon opening program when Regional Settings have swapped decimal and thousands separators.
  • Fixes saving of font settings on the control pane.
  • Fixes setting edit indicator on the control pane when cutting and pasting with menu or toolbar.
  • Removed small X button from PO Items grid footer (was sometimes covering Subtotal box).


  • Option to 'Consider Negative Inventory as Zero' is now in effect for assemblies and MadeFrom items as it is for normal items.
  • POs converted from RFQs now fill in default FOB and vendor's terms.


  • Fixes PLL assembly indexing utility.


  • Fixes minor loss of cost resolution (past 5+ decimals) when generating POs from Purchase List data.


  • NEW File Manager window provides easy access to both active files (linked to P/Ns) and previous revision (PDF) archive files.  Works from popup (right click) menu on any grid that has a P/N reference.  Added for easier ECO administration, but useful everywhere.
  • The file 'Open' command was previously locked for users without 'Item Spec' permission. While seeming to be a good idea, the 'View' command gives access to the same files, so this only creates inconvenience, rather than security. This update reenables the 'Open' command for all users.
    (Disk file editing or read-only access should be implemented with network access permission, rather than through P&V.)
  • Fixes adjustment to whole number order quantity when manually adding items to a PO.
  • Prevents <return+linefeed> from being entered into Job# cell on RFQ and PO line items grid.
  • New utility: File...File Utilities...Maintenance...Clear CRLFs from Job#.
  • On the ECO report, the report and page headers now have no (redundant) prefix of "ECO#".  This is to accommodate changes to the report title which might read 'Document Change Order' or other variations on that theme.
  • Fixes alignment of optional fields on 3-line parts list grid and report.


  • Fixes option to Reduce by Qty Ordered/Not Yet Received when making a purchase list (problem introduced in 4.0.15).
  • Fixes improper positioning of the enhanced dropdowns under certain conditions.
  • Fixes new rounding utilities when encountering Nulls in cost fields.
  • Fixes indexing of assembly relationships after editing parts list quantities on the Tree.  Installation of program update automatically refreshes indexes.
    Utility is now on File...File Utilities...Maint menu.  Useful after editing PL Qtys with external tools.


  • New controls on Buy page to specify Job# for Qty adjustment for items ordered/not yet received. Useful when ordering a second pass on a new project, to avoid reordering for items already ordered for this Job.
  • ECO indicator on the Item Master was not showing unless current user had item spec edit permission. Now shows for all users.
  • Fixes minor loss of cost resolution when refreshing CurrentCost and LastCalcAssyCost after making a Purchase List (problem introduced in release 4.0.13). E.g., cost correctly displayed as $.008, when clicked on in ShowAll grid, which should be $.00825 was showing $.00824999999; cost of $14.10 was showing $14.1000003, etc.
        -Items were still displayed/printed correctly, with currency format.
        -Subsequent Purchase Lists will refresh included items with accurate costs.
        -Update installation fixes values affected by above.
        -New utilities: File...File Utilities...Maintenance...Round Costs to N d.p. will also fix all at once.
  • Fixes error message when printing from a data file with a File Password and 'Include Sources' option on Page Setup dialog is checked.
  • When opening Settings dialog and substitute drive letter on Viewers/Path page is set to a device that is unavailable, (e.g., empty floppy, CD or Zip drive or unavailable network drive letter), a more explanatory message now replaces the "68 Device Unavailable" error message.
  • When converting a data file from previous version, blank POCost no longer stops recalculation part of utility.
  • Blanks existing KIT list upon commencing a new one  (as the Purchase List does), rather than upon finishing the process.


  • Subassys set not to expand were not showing on Kit List when using available subassys. (Problem introduced in 4.0.10)
  • Import - If target file has ECO control active, disallows overwriting any items with Status=Released or Obsolete.
  • Import - Arrow key navigation (rather than tabbing) between cells was getting columns out of sync with column heading field lists.
  • Reports - Column headings on the 1-line reports no longer try to wrap text.
  • When a blank record is selected on the RFQ or PO page, the Notes and Notes indicator (from the last record) are now cleared.
  • Fixes position-to-current-item behavior of enhanced dropdown on Buy and Build pages.


  • In a secured data file, Import now has its own checkbox on the Permission settings dialog. (Import previously required PVAdmin permission; now can be assigned to any permission group.)
  • On a Purchase List, when there is no shortage for an item, overkitting should not result in a nonzero UseNet / BuyNet. Now it doesn't.
  • Double data types for currency fields now retain high resolution with very large cost entries.  File...File Utilities...Maintenance...Update File Format.
  • When copying a PO, the Delivery Reqd is now left blank on the new PO.  Also, the Tax2 rate and the Tax2OnTax1 setting are now copied.
  • When there are no ECO records in a file, attempting to open the ECO# dropdown was resulting in Error 3021, No current record. Then other tabs were locked.
  • When the Cost dropdown had more than one entry with the same cost (and different AtLevels) closing the dialog was not resetting the AtLevel cell on the grid. (Affected only the printed report from that grid; lookups for Purchase List were ok.)
  • Label utility now also recognizes "Dymo" in the printer device name to bring up the CoStar label style choices.
  • Fixed File...Maint. utility to trim leading and trailing spaces in Titles and Details.


  • Since release 4.0.8, after Alt-Tabbing into P&V from another program, the enhanced dropdowns would not open with the mouse until any keystroke occurred (or F4 key to open dropdown).  Now fixed.


  • New popup menu item 'Look up P/N' when right clicking on one of the five user-captioned fields on Item Master. If the contents of the field is a P/N that exists in the Item Master, program will jump to that P/N.  Same function as the small (User 3, 4) field lookup buttons on P&V version 2.
  • New Zoom dialog on the ECO Edit List window (from popup menu), is helpful when editing lengthy reference designator data on that grid.
  • Exiting program with FilterBy dialog, AddItem dialog, or ECO edit windows open no longer causes (benign) crash as main window closes.
  • Fixed ECO report which was showing ID number instead of ECONumber on report and page headers. Also, lengthy ECO item instructions now do not cause page break before that ECO line item.
  • When opening enhanced dropdowns (F4 key or mouse click) during the process of typing in the textbox portion of the control, the list now positions to the found-so-far item instead of the current item.


  • Default tax rate was not being inserted on new POs (but could be edited on each PO).  Default tax rate(s) are also now filled in on autogenerated POs.
  • P/Ls that are set to not expand on Purch/Kit Lists were not reporting NetKitQty the same as items when the option was checked to 'Use Available Finished Subassys' and requirement greater than existing stock.  Net kit count now ignores Stock count for these items.
  • The Print Preview window saves its size and position when in movable and sizable mode, but was not saving when in maximized mode.  Now it does.
  • Program can now restore a damaged local configuration file from its saved copy of that file.


  • Extension column on a PO is now refreshed when converting an RFQ to a PO.
  • Page Setup dialog for Cost Summary Tree was showing selections for Show Sources, not available on that view. (Show Sources is available from 1-line Purchase List, Item Master Show All and Assy Tree views).
  • Start menu Help file shortcuts were not working.
  • Fixes quirky behavior of 'Suggest Next' PO number when converting an RFQ to a PO.


  • Fixes overflow error when making a Purchase List with items exceeding quantities of 32768.


  • Fixes saving of tree column widths when Windows / Control Panel / Display / Effects / 'Show window contents while dragging' is unchecked.
  • Alt-F4 was not closing program when set to use enhanced dropdowns and focus was on one of the dropdown textboxes on the Control Pane.
  • Tour was not opening from Help menu (but does open from Windows Start menu).


  • Fixes difficulty in opening vendor dropdowns on RFQ and PO pages when there are no records in a new database. (Workaround: Type existing vendor name into vendor box on RFQ or PO page.  Then click New to create first RFQ or PO.)


  • Fixes non-opening of Units of Measure dialog
  • Fixes converting V2 data files to V4 when more than 32767 P/L line items
  • Fixes non-opening of dropdown lists on Buy and Build pages.

V4.0.5 (first release out of beta)

  • Upon attempting to open a data file that is corrupted or set as read-only, program was incorrectly prompting for a File Password.  Now shows appropriate error message box.
  • Fixes KeyUp error when typing P/N on textbox portion of Build page dropdown list.