Changed in release 3.1.46a

  • Setup has been repackaged so version 3.1.46 will install on Windows 2000.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.46

  • Fixes P/L grid reverting to 1-line format.
  • Adding a File/URL to an item requires that the item be Unreleased.
  • Attempting to delete Files from an Item with Status = Released, with the Delete key now shows 'Can't Delete' message in statusbar.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.45

  • A right mouse click on the grid will now move the focus to that cell.
  • A copied RFQ or PO is now set as Pending (for printing as a group from the Buy page).
  • Disabled in recent releases:
    1. After copying a PO to a new vendor, PO page was left blank until vendor was reselected from dropdown list.
    2. Fixes column sorting on the Find dialog.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.44

  • Fixes non-saving of Buyer, Technical Contact and Attn To names on RFQs/POs.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.43

  • Fixes repeating (blank) prompt for report titles when printing a group of pending RFQs or POs.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.42

  • Fixes "wrong vendor" problem on Purchase Orders: unrecognized source/cost link (and linking to wrong vendor) immediately after
    1. Converting an RFQ to a PO
    2. Jumping to a PO from the Find dialog.
  • Removed necessity of tabbing out of a Status change to "U" before editing is possible.
  • Program now saves File dialog default directory when linking files to P/Ns.
  • Fixes missing last character on Purchase Order report title and Sales Tax label on HP5/6 laser printers.
  • Improved print/preview speed.
  • Item report second page header now correctly shows P/N.
  • Item Master Status field is now available on the Inventory grid.
  • New menu item View...Set Editable Text Color
  • Controlled items were not being marked as such on Purchase Lists.
  • Popup menu item 'Go to Webpage' was not showing on the Vendor and Mfr pages when the main window control direction was right-to-left.
  • When Copying a P/N, entering a new 'Begins With' was not working for 'Suggest Next.'
  • Program now accepts quotation marks in the Mfr P/N field.
  • Edits on the Vendor page are now saved before jumping to another vendor via the Followup window.
  • Fixes disabled grid tabs in the SE edition when switching from PO to Item Master page.
  • Removes prompts to save notes on Mfr, RFQ and PO pages.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.41

  • Removed confirmation for saving changes to Notes when saving record on the Control Pane.
  • The caption on the 'New' button above the Detail Items grid was stuck on its 'Replace' caption (used for other grids). Problem introduced in release 3.1.40. Functionality was normal.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.40

  • The Notes window, when left open from the Control Pane, now updates with data as records or pages are changed. If item is saved on the Control Pane and notes have changed, user is prompted to save or discard changes.
  • Item Master controls are now enabled immediately upon changing Status from R or O to U, instead of after a refresh of the page.
  • When exporting, program message when saving to an empty floppy drive or invalid drive now has an explanatory message instead of "52 - Bad File." Program substitutes drive c: to recover.
  • The 'Suggest Next P/N' feature now works when Copying a P/N. (When copying, the 'Copy-Item-As' dialog still first shows the current P/N for editing, even if 'Suggest Always' is checked.)

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.39

  • Fixes out of context Units of Measure message when attempting to change costs on Source and Items Supplied grids.
  • Fixes locked Status textbox on Item Master when Status is Released.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.38

  • Fixes inability to remove items from Manufacturer//Items Sourced grid.
  • Fixes undesired cancelling of the Numlock key.
  • Implemented context sensitive 'Add URL' button on Files/URLs grid, so added item can be a URL directly, instead of adding/editing a dummy file item.
  • Menu item List...Used On (equivalent of Used On button above grid) is now visible.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.37

  • Fixes turning off NumLock when certain operations or keystrokes occur on the grid.
  • Fixes repeated printing of Job# on purchase order report when subsequent line items have blank Job# fields.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.36

  • Report adjustments - Layouts of the 'Item Report' (printed from Item Master//Sources grid) and the 'Purchase List by Vendor' report have been adjusted to make more space for Vendor P/N and Description and Manufacturer and Mfr P/N.
  • Fixes Renumber All Items on Purchase Orders (disabled in release 3.1.35)
  • Fixes situation where Date Issued did not get entered on a purchase order when print previewing.
  • Fixes  'Copy Parent P/N + Family of Detail Items'  when viewing Details grid, following a <New Detail item> created on that grid. [Was adding the new P/N to Details grid instead of copying.]
  • Fixes condition where if PO Qty Received is blank (instead of zero) the OnOrder columns of the Inventory and Purchase List grids will also be blank for that P/N. Condition also caused error message 'Invalid Use of Null' when making Purchase List. [Default value for field is zero; above situation caused by user deleting value(s) in QtyRcvd column on Purchase Order grid.]
  • Eliminates error message "Invalid Procedure..." when creating new RFQ or PO number when vendor name contains the word "Item."

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.35

  • In addition to the good things we did in release 3.1.34 of the program, we also messed up and broke a critical internal utility. This release fixes our blunder. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
  • This release also cleans up the artifacts on the 2 and 3 line parts list reports where the Title and Detail text wrapping to a second line was showing.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.34

  • Fixes the interaction between MadeFrom and Use Parent Cost settings for Detail items of a Parent P/N (intended to be mutually exclusive). Corrects problem introduced in release 3.1.28.
        Program disallows checking ParentCost column on Details grid if the item is a MF.
        Now correctly shows Use Parent Cost setting on Item Master when MadeFrom is unchecked.
  • Exporting from the Tree now exports visible columns only, instead of all columns.
  • Fixes firstline P/N option for autogenerated RFQs, which was using Mfr P/N (if existed) even when choice was set for Vendor P/N.
  • The Print Pending field is now set (column checkbox checked) for manually created RFQs and POs, like with the autogenerated RFQs/POs. (Permits these items to be mass-printed from the Pending RFQ/PO grids, which are viewable from the Buy page.)
  • Filters for RFQ/PO Line Items grids can now specify the In-House P/N irrespective of the RFQ/PO first-line P/N option setting. (The in-house P/N on PO/RFQ line item grids is an invisible column used to link the line item back to its Source in the database).
  • Benign error messages from TDDLookup and TDSaveOne (when datafile was closed for Repair or Compact) are now suppressed.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.33

  • New Email Feature - Launch your system e-mail program to any cursor-selected text (as mail address) from the popup (right-click) menu.
  • Importing - Records were not being processed (or transfered to the main data file) if the user clicked directly to the 'Process Items' tab, bypassing clicking through the Field Select and Destination List tabs on the import wizard. (This action was most likely upon returning to finish an existing import session, where the column assignments were already shown.)  Program now handles this scenerio.
  • RFQs - Autogenerating RFQs from the Purchase List was creating RFQs to vendors for items that had a quantity requirement of zero. If no other items came from those vendors, this resulted in one or more empty RFQs (RFQs with no line items). Those empty RFQs can be deleted manually, but should not have been created at all.
  • Dates
        1.  New column available on Item Master//OnOrders grid:  PO DateReq
        2.  PO/RFQ Date Printed didn't always get entered when printing or previewing the line items report.
        3.  Date entry boxes on PO and RFQ page were truncating date entries at 10 characters, precluding entries of 01-Mar-1999.
        4.  Program now accomodates date formats of 01-Mar-99 and 01-Mar-1999.
  • Reports
        1.  Space for Job number on the Purchase Order report has been expanded horizontally and can also now expand vertically to accommodate longer data.
        2.  Purchase List by Item: more room for Item Info
        3.  Purchase List by Vendor: more room for Vendor/Mfr info.
        4.  New report DLL fixes various report quirks.
  • Misc. - By request:   When deleting items from the Control Pane, the confirmation prompt now defaults to 'No' instead of 'Yes.'

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.32

  • Fixes calculations of Made From and Make quantities on Purchase List where there are multiple instances of the same MadeFrom branch on the assembly tree.  (Program was starting over finding available stock for each instance instead of using the cumulative decreasing quantity available.)
    Also, program now correctly zeroes out the UseNet and BuyNet columns for top and intermediate MadeFrom items; (Stock of upper levels may be used, depending on Calc. for Shortages setting, but purchases are always of deepest level Make item).
  • Adds the requested new option to copy Units of Measure from a Parent P/N to all its (child) Detail items (upon saving parent on the Item Master). Set choice (to copy or leave independent) on Edit... Settings... PN Options.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.31

  • Fixes Purchase List where it was reporting a quantity needed to Maintain Minimum when there was already sufficient stock and sufficient minimum. (Conditions: Buy page options checked for Calc for Shortages and Maintain Minimum; ReqQty < Stock - Minimum).

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.30

  • Ctrl+; now inserts date at cursor position in grid cell or textbox instead of replacing all text.
  • Non-numeric MadeFrom dependent quantity causes a Type Mismatch error when making a Purchase List.
  • Item Master//On RFQ's grid was showing RFQ's only where in-house P/N was in the first line of the RFQ (ignoring those where vendor or mfr p/n was the first line data). Now shows all RFQ's independent of first line p/n option.
  • Vendor P/N's longer than 40 characters were causing a paste error when making a Kit List. (Vendor P/N's can be up to 50 characters long).
  • When converting an RFQ to a PO (and deleting existing RFQ), date fields are now always set to blank.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.29

  • When on Item Master / Detail Items grid, the 'Add Item' dialog was incorrectly showing items of Type PL and CAT. Those items (assemblies) cannot be Detail (child) items of a parent P/N.
  • Autogenerating of RFQs and POs from a Purchase List now takes any list Filter into account. Eliminated error message ("3061 Too few parameters") upon completion of autogenerate routine when a filter was active.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.28

  • Made-From cost (Last Calc MadeFrom Cost) is now saved when making a Purchase List that includes the item, in a manner parallel to the saved Last Calc Assy Cost for assemblies. Total MF cost for an item can be viewed on the Item Master, under the MF Cost tab.
  • The Tree view was not repainting the screen on some computers with Visual Studio 6 installed, or when coexisting with some programs developed with Visual Studio 6.
  • Saving changes to a Parent P/N on the Item Master copies certain data to all Detail (child) items of that parent. The Details' MadeFrom attribute has always been cleared during that process. The MadeFrom attribute of Detail items is now left undisturbed. Note, however, 'Use Parent Cost' for a MadeFrom item is not supported.
  • On 1-line parts list report, the Extended Cost for a line item with a non-numeric quantity was showing the value from the row above. Now shows blank.

Added/Fixed in release 3.1.27

  • New file utility was added to set all negative inventory counts to zero. Available from the menu: File...File Utilities...Maintenance.
  • Import was not getting the last field in the last line of a CSV file if there was no final carriage return in the file.
  • Parent P/N items were incorrectly appearing on the 'Add Item to P/L' dialog.
  • Alignment was adjusted for caption "Count of different items" on Inventory Summary report.

Fixed in release 3.1.26

  • Was showing 'Invalid use of Null' error message when attempting to change a P/N if the 'Enforce Uppercase Text in P/N' setting (Edit...Settings...P/N Options) was empty. (error introduced in 3.1.25. Can also be fixed by making an entry in Edit...Settings...P/N Options and clicking OK).
  • Purchase Order report was showing Shipping Acct# even when 'Use Our Shipping Acct' box is unchecked.
  • Scrollbar on Control Pane no longer covers part of dropdown button when vertical scrollbar only is showing.

Added in release 3.1.25

  • The Used On button is now functional for the tree views.
  • Keystrokes Ctrl+; put today's date into entry box or grid cell.
  • Keystrokes Ctrl+Shift+' copy data to grid cell from cell one row above.
  • New menu item: File...Print to PDF File. Reports can now be printed to PDF files, viewable with Adobe Acrobat viewer.

Fixed in release 3.1.25

  • Newly created or copied items are now included in the P/N History on the Item Master page.
  • Autogenerated PO's were ignoring options setting for first line preference of part numbers on orders. Was stuck on Mfr P/N preference. (error introduced in 3.1 beta)
  • Enforcing uppercase letters in part numbers option was not in effect when Changing (editing) a part number.
  • Fixed Renumber Assy Order on parts lists. (error introduced in 3.1 beta)
  • Purchase List columns for UseNet and BuyNet are now available in the Filter By dialog.
  • Fixed sorting on 'Add Item to P/L' dialog when showing Items + Sources.
  • Fixed certain labels on PO/RFQ reports that were wrapping.
  • Organization info on the parts list page footer was being cut off on some printers.

Changes in beta releases 3.1.21 through 3.1.24

  • 3.1.24 11/5
    Restores totals footer on PO Items grid.
    Entry of license and key now immediately updates main window title bar caption.
    Fixes entry of Print Width for labels to set spacing of label columns across page width.
  • 3.1.23 10/29
    New A4 label sizes; setting for Print Width to adjust label column spacing.
    P/N's that are destinations for ShowItem and ShowItem+List are now in the Item Master History list.
    Fixed: Sum of Columns now working correctly on filtered Totals by Job# grid.
  • 3.1.22 10/26
    Added import Tools menu - assign P/N from current database to Item Part Number column of selected rows.
    Fixed: Importing of COSTAtLevel now gets value instead of defaulting to 1.
  • 3.1.21
    Fixed: Adding an item to Items Supplied grid now correctly uses the Item Master units for the link.
    Eliminated double install of file msvcrt40.dll which caused OLE error message on some NT installations.

Changes and fixes in release 3.1.20    (first 3.1 beta release)

  • Report orientation is now set from File...Page Setup.
  • If the Received Qty for an item was greater than the Order Qty on an open purchase order, then this would appear on the Purchase List as a negative number in the OnOrder column.
  • OnOrder column on Inventory grid was showing total order quantity without deducting quantity received to-date.
  • On the Add dialog, after adding items to a parts list, Qty is set back to 1. After adding items to an RFQ or PO, the quantity is set back to zero.
  • The prompt to update the LastCalcAssyCost for assemblies, at the end of making a Purchase List, has been replaced by a checkbox option setting under the Update tab on the Buy page.
  • When autogenerating RFQ's, program no longer includes items where the quantity required is zero.
  • When manually adding items to an RFQ, the quantity specified on the Add dialog is now saved (in a hidden field) so if that RFQ is later converted to a PO, it will show that order quantity.
  • On the Names dialog, if an entry was edited solely with the Delete key, then closing that dialog did not save the change.
  • There is now a warning prompt before renumbering a parts list.
  • Overkit by Percent was sometimes not calculating correctly, depending upon the setting.
  • Parts lists were printing notes for the assembly, even when turned off in Settings.
  • If there is a large amount of Notes text for the P/L, then the notes will now print the full page width.
  • Increased font size for contact names and notes on RFQ and PO reports now show more clearly when faxing the report.

Added in release 3.1.20

  • Parts Lists
    1. 1-line Parts Lists now include columns for Source data.
    2. Separate Reference Designator utility now prompts for a separator character. List... Reference Designator... Separate with Spaces.
    3. Parts Lists now show Title and Detail text at the top of multipage reports.
    4. The 3-line Parts List report now shows the captions for the four optional fields at the top of each page.
    5. Formatted 1, 2 or 3-line Parts Lists will now print landscape. Set orientation on the File...Page Setup dialog.
  • RFQs and POs
    1. A whole group of RFQs or POs can be printed at once. From the Buy page, choose Pending RFQ(s) or Pending PO(s). Select the reports to print and from the menu choose File...Print...Selected RFQ(s) or Selected PO(s).
    2. Automatically insert Notes when creating a new PO. Specify a text file in Edit...Settings...RFQ/PO Options.
    3. Specify a caption for tax on POs (Sales Tax, VAT, etc.) in Edit...Settings...RFQ/PO Options.
  • Tree Enhancements
    1. Drag and drop action on the tree makes it easy to rearrange items in multilevel assemblies.
    2. Columns on the tree can be reordered by dragging with the mouse, as they can on the grid.
    3. Columns to Show now works for the Tree, like on the grid. More information can now be shown on the Tree.
        a. New separate columns for Vendor, Vendor P/N, Vendor Desc, Mfr, Mfr P/N.
        b. User fields, Revision, Cur/AssyCost, Status.
        c. The Cost Summary Tree now has extended cost columns.
    4. Adding, moving and deleting items from the Tree now refreshes duplicate tree branches so more editing can be done before manually refreshing the view.
  • Grid Enhancements
    1. Enter key now functions like the tab key to navigate between grid cells (except when a grid is set to Wrap Text-- the default on RFQ Items and PO Items).
    1. Double Click Action setting lets user assign default, Show Item or Show Item + List action on grid or tree.
    2. Apply a Secondary Sort to a listing on the grid by Shift+clicking on a column heading.
    3. What grid columns will fit on the printed page is now indicated by the column heading text color.
  • Build
    1. New 'Adjust Stock for Top Assy' button on the Buy page makes an Inventory Adjustment History entry, as in P&V2.
  • Reports
    1. New Inventory Summary report
         a. Shows extended totals of costs for each of Types DWG, PS, PL, CAT. Optional listing of items with incomplete cost data. CurCost=0 or LastCalcAssyCost=0. (Similar to PV2 report.)
    2. Optional Sources subreport
        a. The Tree, Item ShowAll, and 1-line Purchase List can be printed with an optional subreport that shows Primary or All sources with all price breaks. File...Page Setup setting. Takes longer to format and print, but carries more information.
    3. The detail separator lines on the 1-line per item style report can now be turned off. Set the checkbox on File...Page Setup.
    4. When printing labels, user can now specify to skip N labels on the sheet.
  • Merge
    1. New module transfers data from the current P&V data file to another P&V data file. Bulk merge or selected items or the items in an assembly tree. Options to transfer supporting source data. Overwrite or ignore existing records.
  • Purchase List Cost Update Options
    1. New option to update Items' CurrentCost to the qualified price break when making a Purchase List. Checkbox under the Update tab on the Buy page.
    2. The prompt to update the LastCalcAssyCost for assemblies, at the end of making a Purchase List, has been replaced by a checkbox option setting under the Update tab on the Buy page.
  • Used On
    1. A new button above the grid: 'Used On' opens a list of assemblies that contain the current item. Double click to jump to that item on that parts list. (Similar to action in PV2).
  • Command Line and MRU List
    1. The program can now be launched with the data file name on the command line. i.e.,
    pv.exe c:\data\mydata.mdb
    2. The File menu now has a most-recently-used list, making it easier to jump among several data files.
  • Tip of the Day
    1. Helpful tips on program features can be optionally shown at program startup.
  • Misc
    1. History buttons on the Item Master page let user scroll back to previous items.
         a. This permits quick navigation back up thru the parent levels of an assembly tree, after doing one or more Show Item + List on a Parts List grid (drilling into the assembly).
    2. The Notes buttons on the Vendor, Mfr, RFQ and PO pages of the control pane now have indicators that reveal if there are notes or not.
    3. The Compare P/Ls grids now include columns for Title and Detail.
    4. Switch Manufacturer Name
        a. On the Mfr // Items Sourced grid, switch selected items to another manufacturer name (for use when one manufacturer's group of components is acquired by another manufacturer).
    5. Switch Vendor Name
        a. On the Vendor // Items Supplied grid, switch selected items to another vendor name.
    6. New Dial button for the fax number on the Vendor and Mfr pages.